Rocked Up Reef's sponsored steel slingers

Meet Rocked Up Reef's sponsored spearfishermen, some of the most skilled watermen around.

DIVER: Jack Spearo (left) 

Jack is a Florida native who started freediving and spearfishing when he was 5 years old. Up until 5 years ago, he only used a Hawaiian sling to hunt fish around the east and west coast for Florida. This turned him into an uncredible underwater hunter who now loves sharing his adventures through YouTube and Instagram. Jack can usually be found shooting hogs in the Bahamas or here at home in Florida shooting Cobia, Grouper, Snapper, and other reef species while freedive spearfishing. Jack has a youtube with 10k+ current subscribers and an instagram with 35k+ current followers. 

DIVER: Alexandro Mullings @alexthelycan Alexthelycan Spearfishing

Spearfishing Instructor & Spearfishing Guide I started this freedive and spearfishing journey almost 10 years ago. It all started with my mom's pair of plastic fins and a goggle she gifted to me during the Christmas season. I've never looked back since, I'd watch videos until YouTube would run out and I'd use every opportunity afforded to me to go and dive. I've had a few close encounters in my early days with sharks, boat losing power and having to swim back in the pitch black and reaching land at 5am (wonderful 5pm to 5am swim) what a nice 12 hour swim pulling a boat and not being able to see in the water ^.^ I've never seen anything or experienced things like i have beneath the waves and for that very reason I am hooked. I decided to finally launch my spearfishing business this year and go public, however I've been doing guided trips for years now. The pandemic has afforded me the opportunity to launch my dreams. 

DIVER: Blake on a Breath
Blake is out of Oahu shooting ukus, onos, ahi, and everything else that in habits the deep cold waters of the mid pacific. He is our first and only pacific sponsored diver so far.

DIVER: Roan 
Hey I'm Roan, I am a born and raised conch. I dive as much as possible and am always trying to improve my skills and learn from the people around me. I have been diving my entire life and have been obsessed with the ocean from a young age. I work hard every day to try and make myself a better diver and try to get out as much as possible.

DIVER: Joey Whisman 

Iā€™m Joey Whisman, I grew up fishing my hometown of Stuart Florida. Around 3 or 4 years ago I was shown the wonderful world of freediving/spearfishing and i just took off with it I have barely touched a rod and reel since. I go almost everyday now and can freedive 100 foot plus. Nothing compares to the feeling that comes from spearing a big fish at 90 or more feet. Spearfishing has given me income and a purpose. Spearfishing is my life

 DIVER: Zach Boudreault @imgoincrzywannacome
Outdoorsman waterman
 photographer & Musician..

 I grew up surfing, diving, fishing and working on boats. On any given day of the week you can find me deep in the everglades catching reptiles, swimming with gators or offshore guiding people on spearfishing trips. I recently started traveling the world with all my dive and camera gear! Stay up to date on all my socials to see Rocked up apparel gear in action!

 DIVER: Brett Leable

I am Brett Leable, I started spearfishing 22 years ago in Lake Michigan and the surrounding Wisconsin lakes for Panfish with a Fiberglass Yellow 3 prong polespear. When I moved to Colorado in 2005 I pursued gamefish in Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, and Utah. In the past 9 years I have been fortunate to travel and Spearfish the Saltwater in The Bahamas, Mexico, and California, but 80% of my diving is in Freshwater. Lower visibility, and smaller fish, but no sharks!

DIVER: Brett Leable and Nicole Burko 
Rocked Up Reef's official team for the 2022 Spearfishing National Championships in Lake Powell, USA. In partnership with trager grills and fish sticks spearguns. 

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